Yes, friends, this joyful and significant moment has finally arrived: Sotbify celebrates its first birthday!

The first year is the most important for any company. Especially in IT sphere, where just entering the market, the company should make all efforts to join the general flow, to endure a huge competition, to assert itself and to build a bridgehead for further progress.

That's why 1 year in the market is not just 365 days - it's thousands of painstaking working hours during which we've been putting all our efforts to ensure that Sotbify grows by leaps and bounds.

And our progress is impressive! We've already accomplished a lot, but there's more to come!

The team is proud of its achievements, so we want you to know how good we are! Let's do a little retrospective and see how Sotbify has progressed during this year:

Entering HTP. Perhaps our biggest accomplishment. The company is honored to join the Hi-Tech Park and join the ranks of leading IT companies. This is status, prestige and a great help for our further growth.

Staff expansion. Sotheby's started its way with only one programmer on staff. Now the company employs 8 passionate professionals. This wouldn't have been possible without our great recruiter Olya. Thank you, you are awesome!

Of course, this is not the limit and we will continue to actively expand our staff, attracting talented and ambitious guys!

Projects. Our first year was very successful: we implemented 10 big projects. Our guys are improving their skills every day, and with the upcoming staff expansion the number of completed projects will grow many times over!

New offices. Sotbify origins lie in the city of Mahilow. Here we opened our first office and found our first employees.

Now, with the growth of the company and staff Sotbify expands its boundaries. We are preparing for the imminent opening of a new office in Minsk and we are already planning further promotion!

First corporate party. In honor of the first anniversary of the company we held a festive summer corporate party, where we celebrated this momentous event with great excitement. Wait for a photo report!

Thirteenth salary. The best conditions for our employees. Sotbify is a young company, but we have already thought out a system of bonuses and benefits for the team. The guys totally deserve it!

Of course, all these achievements would not be possible without a close-knit team of talented and hardworking professionals. When such people work in the company, success - it's not a dream, but a confident achievement.

So, our journey has just begun. We are young, but very ambitious and hungry for success. We are developing, setting new goals and opening new horizons. We have everything ahead of us! Have no doubt, Sotbify will succeed!

Happy birthday, Sotbify!